Since its establishment, the New Zealand Institute of Sales has promoted the sales profession through the adoption of formal certification, practical education programs and by connecting captains of industry with aspiring sales professionals under the umbrella of research validated sales industry best practices.  The New Zealand Institute of Sales proudly partners with industry professionals and academic trailblazers to establish and support effective sales programs from around the world for professional selling within New Zealand, and equally importantly to offshore markets.  Like many professions, the sales profession is awash with available labour, albeit a large proportion of it informally or untrained, often with a high turn-over, and a growing shortage of truly skilled sales professionals.  The New Zealand Institute of Sales seeks to address this imbalance.
The New Zealand Institute of Sales core team works closely with underwriting partners and affiliated organisations to bring the benefits of foundation programs and services to students, universities, education institutions and sales organisations in New Zealand.
With the support of a growing number of members, we are able to provide New Zealand sales professionals with the insights, expertise and opportunity to develop the relationships they need to succeed.  As your partner in successful selling, we commit to assisting your sales organisation in reducing costs, developing skills, increasing efficiencies, and setting benchmarks for success.



Elevating the sales profession in New Zealand.




New Zealand Institute of Sales supports formal sales education programs by providing scholarships and grants, creating and sourcing educational materials and experiences and raising public awareness about the benefits of sales careers and professional selling.



The New Zealand Institute of Sales seeks to ensure that every student or business owner recognises the importance of professional selling skills and has the opportunity to benefit from professional sales education opportunities.



The New Zealand Institute of Sales will continue to support and help establish sales education programs, primarily at a formal education level, each year. In partnership with companies and education establishments, we will work towards:
  • Sponsoring relevant, meaningful research and disseminating the outcomes
  • Curate, collate and participate in relevant forums and professional bodies
  • Define rigorous sales curricula
  • Educate students using proven practices and technologies
  • Promote optimal sales principles, processes and technologies
  • Identify and encourage sales ambassadors
  • Equip students with tools to build satisfying, successful sales careers
  • Equip business owners with professional skills to better serve their customers and enhance their business

Who We Serve

The New Zealand Institute of Sales serves the entire value chain of sales — from universities, education institutions, students and sales professionals and leadership with the impetus to improve sales performance and elevate the sales profession in the region.
Through a rigorous academic, pragmatic and empirical approach, the New Zealand Institute of Sales helps its members appreciate and apply the science of sales to achieve their individual goals and elevate the sales profession.



Elevate the Profession, Enhance your Career
True sales professionals know the value of staying ahead of the game.  Champion salespeople extend themselves in learning, growing, improving and gaining knowledge and skills to prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities whilst building on yesterday’s successes.
Formally Trained Sales Professionals Are “Redefining Sales”
Successful sales professionals understand the importance of staying ahead of the game. Leading salespeople strive to learn, grow and improve, gaining knowledge and skills to prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities while building on yesterday’s accomplishments.
The New Zealand Institute of Sales seeks to provide valuable professional development opportunities. In addition, research by partners can provide useful insights relevant to industry trends, professional best practices, and business issues.
For example:
  • Reducing pipelines by 1/3 could generate 50 % more revenue
  • Only 17 % of traditional sales metrics relate to factors salespeople can control
  • Money is not the primary motivator for most salespeople
The New Zealand Institute of Sales also enables exceptional salespeople to help elevate the profession overall, and to share their time and talent to directly impact tomorrow’s most promising sales leaders. By participating in sponsored events, contributing to programs, and supporting the Institute’s overall activities, sales professionals are able to make a real difference on a grand scale to their lot in life.