Choose the category or categories you wish to enter and download nomination forms from the Category Entry page or contact us at for the appropriate nomination form(s).  There is no limit on the number of entries or categories you can submit, simply download and complete a separate entry form for each entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I or my organisation enter more than one category?

Individuals and organisations can enter multiple categories. A separate application form is to be filled out for each application and a separate judging fee applies for each individual or team entry that is successful in reaching the shortlisted finalist stage and is called to attend a judging event.

What are the benefits of entering?

The process of entering the New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) is extremely valuable. It’s an opportunity to review key areas of success, and what contributed to it. By submitting to the judging process, you can benchmark against peers and competitors outside your organisation and, if you are shortlisted, your profile will be raised at a national level.

How do I make the most of my entry?

The judges will look for the most comprehensive entry forms as the ones that stand out the most. Ensure that the language is clear and concise and doesn’t leave out any information that could be important in your entry. We recommend working through multiple iterations and drafts of your entry and you get a number of suitable people to cast their eye over your responses.

What format(s) can my application submission be in?

For your initial nomination entry use the linked MS Word documents only. We will not accept your application in any other format. Note, we don’t put a word limit on your written responses.  However, you will be penalised for having an overly long and verbose response when a shorter and more concise one would have sufficed.  Clarity and brevity count more than wasteful padding.

When will I hear if I’ve made the shortlist?

You will receive an email notifying you if you’ve made the shortlist per the published schedule.  If you have entered more than one category you will receive notification for each category separately.

What do I do if I’ve made the shortlist?

You will be contacted by a member of the New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) team to provide a head and shoulders picture, company logo or similar, dependent on the category. You will also need to book a time slot in for your presentation at the final judging session at the location closest or most convenient to you.

What is the final judging and who is it to?

For the final judging phase, you may be invited to attend a live judging opportunity in front of our panel of judges.  Depending on the category you entered this might be a mixture of multiple elements.  It might involve a role play, interview questions, individual response, team response, presentation, or any combination of these and other elements.  Expect to have to do some preparation and to be put under some pressure during the judging session.  This is the section where the star players and teams really shine.  Expect the unexpected!

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices and details to attend the awards event will be released when shortlisted finalists are announced.

What publicity can we get out of it?

Apart from being recognised as a leader amongst peers and industry, the public relations opportunities for your sales staff, team and organisation are unrivalled. To enter is an achievement in itself, putting yourself out there for judging. For finalists and winners in each category, the publicity and recognition are second to none. The NZESA team will work with you to maximise exposure and media opportunities. The NZESA finalists and ultimate winners are provided with a logo to use in company collateral and communications, and a press release is issued to maximise media coverage. Also, the sponsors may also wish to work with businesses to create media relationships and partnerships.

Terms & Conditions

  • We have enough trouble reading our own handwriting, so we’re not sure how we’ll read yours! Hand-written entries won’t be considered
  • In this, just like other things in life, there are deadlines. Entries received after 11:59 pm NZDT on the day of submission deadline will not be considered
  • You want some publicity out of this, so do we.  The New Zealand Institute of Sales reserves the right to publish names of companies entering and short-listed candidates as part of the pre- and post-event publicity surrounding the event
  • The New Zealand Institute of Sale’s Chair of Judge’s decision is final concerning all awards.  Some people challenge us and our decision, but in the event of a protest, we will discuss your grievances, but our Chair of Judge’s decision is final
  • Nominations will not be disadvantaged if they are based outside of a location in which judging will take place.  However, it is the candidate’s responsibility to attend a judging session if they are selected as a shortlisted finalist. This attendance is at the candidates own cost and effort and no guarantees are given to the candidate, their company or a team they belong to, as to their probable outcome of the judging session
  • No submissions will be returned and all entries become and remain the property of the New Zealand Institute of Sales
  • Only electronic submissions will be accepted
  • For nomination-only categories, short-listing of finalists is at the discretion of the judging panel and Chair of Judges
  • To ensure the highest possible score, entry forms for each award category should be completed in full, including only information that is relevant to the specific criteria to enable the judging panel to assess merit
  • The New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) reserves the right, after consultation with the entrant, to move submissions to a more appropriate category
  • The New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) reserves the right to combine or eliminate any category or categories due to insufficient entries
  • Once a candidate has been announced as a finalist, they cannot withdraw from the competition
  • Nomination entry to each category is free
  • It is not a mandatory requirement for the nominee to be a New Zealand Institute of Sales member
  • If you or your team are shortlisted to appear at the judging day there will be a $400 (+ GST) judging fee for individual finalists, or a $900 (+ GST) judging fee for team finalists, per category.  By entering an individual or team nomination you acknowledge the above payments will be due and you/the nominee/team can attend a finalist judging session if short-listed.  You also acknowledge if yourself/team decide to drop out of the competition or resigns from your company, after selection as a shortlisted finalist, you/your company will still be liable to pay the applicable finalist fee.  This does not apply to the Supreme Judges Award or Special Category Award.  This is a condition of nomination entry
  • All information supplied by entrants will be treated in the strictest confidence, with all judges obliged to sign non-disclosure agreements
  • Information supplied to New Zealand Institute of Sales may be used for publication (where you provide details for inclusion in our directories or catalogues and on our websites) and also to provide you with information about our products or services in the form of direct marketing activity.  Information will not be made available to 3rd parties for any purpose whatsoever.  If at any time you no longer wish to (i) receive anything from New Zealand Institute of Sales or the New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) please write to New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) at
  • Entry submission does not grant an organisation rights to use the New Zealand Institute of Sales or New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) name, logo, or images without the express written approval of the New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) and New Zealand Institute of Sales.  Only finalists and winners will are granted permission to use an Awards logo


  • Judges will consider each entry submission against the category criteria and their own discretion based on their relevant experience and expertise
  • The role of the Chair of Judges is to clarify the criteria and to mediate in the event of a draw to determine a clear winner. The Chair of Judges does not have a casting vote
  • Judges’ decisions are final and binding, and no discussions or correspondence will be entered into relating to any of their decisions
  • New Zealand Institute of Sales or the New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) is not liable for any costs incurred by candidate individuals or organisations during the nomination preparation entry or the judging process
  • A judge will be unable to participate in the judging of an individual or team of their own company
  • A judge will be unable to participate in the judging of an individual or team with which they have any relationship or conflict of interest.  Judges are to notify the New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) immediately they become aware of a potential conflict of interest an alternative judge will be found for that individual or team
  • Any entrant who, in the opinion of the judges or the organisers, is perceived to have harassed or bribed any member of the panel or the New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) team will have their entry disqualified
  • The New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) reserves the right to withdraw an entry from the judging process at any time if the entry is deemed inappropriate for any reason
  • If it is found that any entrant has knowingly provided false information on their application for their entry, the New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA) reserves the right to withdraw any award at any time related to that organisation
  • Judges may request additional information to confirm claims of achievements in applications


By entering or agreeing to participate in the New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA), all entrants agree to the above terms and conditions.


To find out more about entering or any aspect of the New Zealand Excellence in Sales Awards (NZESA), please contact us at