It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.

– Steve Jobs

In this era of unlimited free access to information on almost any subject, we are inundated with an endless tsunami of tips, advice and information. The Breakfast Briefing topics are surgically curated to cut through the clutter and give you, the business owner and sales practitioner some nuggets of information, actions or tools that you can take away with you and put in place immediately.

The formal part of the proceedings might include a speaker, video, panel/forum, webinar or workshop. The exact format will depend on the topic and session facilitator.

The agenda of the morning kicks off at 7 am sharp and will be concluded by 9 am to get you into to your workplace (roughly) on time. Of course, you can also hang around to get to know the new contact you’ve made or work through some ideas you’ve picked up in the morning.

Breakfast and refreshments are included in the price.


No Events on The List at This Time


The speaker and subject may change from time to time as availability and unforeseen circumstances arise. Booked attendees will receive advance notice of these changes and you can decide to receive a refund or credit for the next suitable event in your region if you decide the changes no longer represent value to you.

The Breakfast Briefings are subject to a minimum attendance. If a particular event is deferred or cancelled booked attendees will receive advance notice and can decide to receive a refund or credit for the next suitable event in your region.

Please email us at if you’ve got some topics you’d like to hear more about in the upcoming Breakfast Briefing events.