Active Listening for Sales

Connecting, one conversation at a time.

Listening is harder than it looks, but it’s the difference between sales success and failure.  Experts make a distinction between hearing and listening.  Customers don’t need to be experts to know if you’re listening or not.  Most times sales people aren’t. Listening can well be the difference between profits and loss, between success and failure and between a sale or not.

What you will cover:
  • The cost of poor listening
  • Why sales people tend not to listen well
  • Active listening skills development
  • Tactics to incite action to get the most out of each conversation
Who should attend:
  • Customer service members who need to develop a strong connection rapidly
  • Sales professionals finding themselves guessing or assuming what the customer really needs
  • Business owners struggling to get from question to answer to problem to solve
  • Sales executives needing tactics to question actively and empathetically
Learning outcomes:
  • Individual listening skills assessment profile
  • Steps to overcome our poor listening
  • How to change your style to fit the style of the other parties
  • Tactics to sharpen enquiry skills to uncover hidden customer needs
This course is right for you if:

You understand that active listening is the only way to find out what you don’t know, and marks the path to making good decisions, arriving at the best solutions for your customer.  If you aspire to be better at sales, active listening may be the most powerful tool at your disposal.


Your employer will benefit because:

You will learn the tools to listen more intently and purposefully with your sales prospects.  You will also be able to avoid common pitfalls in conversation and with concerted effort be able to navigate the path of a conversation with the skill of a pilot allowing you to uncover the core needs of the customer.


Cost of doing nothing:
  • Customer sales meetings will continue to be unremarkable
  • Customers will wonder why no-one asks the right questions or listens to what they’re saying
  • Risk the brief opportunity you do have in front of a prospect to start developing a relationship
Why act now:
  • It’s not about you, your company product, it’s about the customer needs
  • Set yourself apart
  • Discover just how much opportunity is left unaddressed by not listening
Your challenges:
  • You or your sales people are more comfortable talking than listening
  • Your products don’t speak to the hearts of your prospects
  • Your loss analysis points consistently towards poor product or pricing fit
  • Your sales people can’t articulate the customer’s true needs
Program format:

Live in-person.  Intensive interactive workshop

Candidate requirements:

No special requirements or prerequisites


6 CPD hours

Duration 1 day
Member Non-member
Pricing $1165 + GST $1295 + GST

This program has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme.  Please contact us for for more details.

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I loved the content and activities in this workshop. I will refer back to the material time and again to make sure I am practicing it!

Sales Rep

Mastering the art of the question, and then listening to what is said. Should be mandatory for all customer service staff.

Customer Service Manager

Theory made concrete by the activities and drills. Great stuff.

Sales Manager

Great listening is the best skill to acquire. Active listening is so different from hearing or seeing someone’s mouth moving while thinking about a response.